About the Swing State Project

The Swing State Project is a collaboration between the Cook Political Report, BSG, and the GS Strategy Group. Our goal is to better understand how voters in the seven key battleground states are evaluating the many cross-pressures of the presidential and down-ballot races in their states. In an election that features two well-known but unpopular candidates, we explore: How are voters deciding which of the “lesser of two evils” candidates they can support? What trade-offs are they willing to make — or not make — with their choice of candidate? How are their views on priorities changing — or not — over time? Which groups of voters are the most up for grabs? 

The Cook Political Report is partnering with two top notch polling firms — one aligned with the Democratic party (BSG), the other with the GOP (GS Strategy Group) — who have well-earned reputations for helping campaigns navigate the complicated landscape of winning the support of voters outside their party.
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In an election that features two well-known but unpopular candidates, how are voters deciding which of the “lesser of two evils” candidates they can support?

About The Cook Political Report

The Cook Political Report with Amy Walter provides independent, non-partisan analysis of elections and campaigns for the U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Governors and President as well as American political trends. Founded in 1984, the CPR is the preeminent prognosticator and original producer of the 7-point federal and state election rating scale, the Cook PVI, and is routinely sourced by national and local media, political professionals, educators and researchers. The Cook Political Report's impressive record of accuracy has earned the trust and respect of professionals who rely on its well-informed and prescient insights as the right analysis for getting it right.

About BSG

BSG is a premier consulting and strategic research firm. Their reputation is built on our relentless pursuit of the right answers. BSG uses innovative techniques that probe deeply into core beliefs, attitudes, and emotions. Their clients are successful because they tap into strongly held values and beliefs. BSG specializes in uncovering the underlying narrative that shapes voters opinions, decisions, and behaviors. They use their research to support advocacy and campaigns at all levels. While BSG is best known as a “Democratic firm,” much of the work focuses on voters in purple and red states. BSG is proud of this heritage, serving as the lead pollster for President Obama’s campaigns and his White House, and is continuing to drive change across the country, working to elect progressive candidates and pass progressive policies at the ballot box.

About GS Strategy Group

Led by Greg Strimple and Robert Jones, two of the country’s most experienced corporate and political strategists, GS Strategy Group (GSSG) provides its clients with a sophisticated approach to survey research designed to predict trends and political shifts before they occur. The GSSG team has held senior positions in presidential, senatorial, gubernatorial, and congressional campaigns across the country, including as the senior advisor for polling and advertising in Senator John McCain’s 2008 presidential bid. As Blue State Republicans, they’ve helped elect Republicans in some of the toughest states including California, New York, New Jersey, and Illinois, while also guiding Republicans in states as red as Texas and Idaho. GSSG partners with a wide range of companies, coalitions, and advocacy organizations, including some of America’s most iconic brands, retail chains, media powerhouses, and industry disruptors to execute successful public affairs, marketing and branding campaigns.